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Carlos Ignacio Arévalo Ottengo

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An eToro guide: Investing without experience is possible by copying an expert with a single click. This platform, registered in London and regulated in Europe gives you the opportunity to connect with other investors, discuss strategies and use the eToro CopyTrader ™ and CopyPortafolio technologies. This is a social network of Investors, people who want to earn more than they would in the traditional banking system.
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Opening and investment account gives you access to the biggest money making vehicle in history of the world.
If you go about it carefully and follow the experts, investing in the stock market can pay off. A $1,000 investment in Apple 10 years ago, for example, would be worth more than $7,000 today. A $1,000 investment in Amazon would be worth more than $19,000.
But still, according to a new poll from Gallup, less than half of young Americans are putting their money in stocks.
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Many people save on company stocks. If you have medium and long term vision, think about learning how to invest in companies. I can assure you that this is the easiest, friendly, innovative and disruptive platform in the world.

I’m Venezuelan-Italian. I currently live in Colombia.

I dedicate myself to financial advice and the development of brands or distributions, on this page, as a laboratory.

  • The aspects that I offer as a financial advisor are:
  • Education, Health & Life Insurance. International and national in: Colombia and Venezuela.
  • Insurance with International Investment.
  • Real Estate Investment in:
    • Colombia: Oriente Antioqueño & Medellin;
    • Perú – Lima and Piura.
    • Venezuela – Caracas.
  • Trips to meet and get to know you in a magical atmosphere (video).

Note: Financial products are available to citizens of any country except US citizens (regulations).

I manage a very varied portfolio of financial products, through the products of these companies:

The basic philosophy is advising, presenting the products detailing their advantages and disadvantages, and the client decides according to their needs. Advising is not selling.

For the development of «brands» I have a network of accounts in social networks to distribute content and I have more than 30 years as an integrator of technology platforms.

The objective of this page is:

  1. Submit and provide a means of contact for those interested in financial advice and / or personal branding.
  2. Show a process of content development and personal branding with a CFD platform.

There are many CFD platforms and its main attraction is to invest, through a broker, in a platform that creates the illusion that we are buying directly on the stock exchanges: stocks, indices, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, commodities and currencies.

There is a platform that integrates the concept of social networks and two super-innovative concepts called: Copytrader & CopyFunds.

This platform offers the possibility of opening a 100 thousand USD virtual account, 100% functional and free.

With this account it is possible to learn without risk to invest.

The company that offers this platform is following the link:

The reason for selecting eToro was the CopyTrader concept.

Those who decide to learn how to trade or negotiate «Financial Instruments», through this concept, will start on a super exciting journey that for most is impossible to do in reality: negotiate in the stock exchanges directly. (the illusion of CFDs platforms)

Even better than reality !.

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In case you want to contact me, my whasapp is +57 323 5110126.

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