This Biker Saw A Dog Being Beaten By His Owner, And What He Did Is Simply The Best.

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Texas musician Brandon Turnbow was riding his motorcycle to his father’s house when he spotted a terrifying scene: a man beating a helpless dog on the side of Highway 171. Horrified and angered by what he saw, Brandon pulled over to put an end to the abuse before it got any worse.

But before Brandon could apprehend the abuser, he got away. That’s when Brandon turned his attention to the pup…and never lost sight of the beautiful dog again.

Brandon wrapped the dog in his jacket and took him home.


He gave the dog the name Mr. Davidson. Once he was all healed, he became Brandon’s co-pilot for life.


Now, they go everywhere together!


He hasn’t left his sight since that fateful day.


Brandon started a non-profit organization, Bikers Against Animal Abuse Global (BAAAG), to help other dogs like Mr. Davidson.


He was also inspired to write a new song about his best friend.

It’s caring people like Brandon who are trying to put an end to animal abuse, once and for all. Be sure to visit BAAAG’s official Facebook pagefor more information on how to help.

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