You Can Easily Make Your Cat This Awesome Tent, And All You Need Is An Old T-Shirt.

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There’s nothing a cat loves more than finding a cozy place to fall asleep. When they’re not demanding your attention – or your food — cats just want to settle down, knead a bit, and sleep the day away.

And if you’ve ever wanted to give your cat the ultimate cozy spot, look no further than this awesome DIY project!

You’ll need two wire hangers, four safety pins, a square piece of cardboard, some tape, a t-shirt, and a cat.


Start by straightening your hangers. Then tape the edges of the cardboard and poke holes with the hangers in each corner.


Arch the hangers like so, and tape them together to form the frame.


Guide the hangers through the holes, bend them, and secure them with tape.


Slip the t-shirt of your choice over the frame with the neck hole facing forward. Then use your safety pins to pin the sleeves and back to the bottom of the tent.


Finally, add your cat!


Now just wait for your other cat to fight over this primo real estate.


I think this t-shirt tent might just become my cat’s new favorite hangout spot. Now if only I can get them to stop sleeping in the bathroom…

Share this genius creation with your friends who love animals. They’ll want to try it, too!

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